luni, 25 aprilie 2016

Temptation for policeman

A woman sexy, being in a certain situation, is a real temptation for an policeman found out during the mission. He tries to be discreet but  is caught admiring the sporty woman.

Accident on the pedestrian crossing

Accident on the pedestrian crossing, unfortunately it happens very often because of some unconscious drivers who do not want to give priority. A lady is hit by the car (more specifically her bike) while crossing the street on the crosswalk.

Two children hit by car

Two children hit by car because of a irresponsible mother.

Two children hit by car (video)

Alive and unharmed

Another incredible accident, an man, luckiest man alive, comes out alive and unharmed from the car made smashed almost 70%.

Incredibly truck accident

An truck accident incredible, the driver is thrown through windshield. It can be seen thereafter that the driver escape unscathed.